Peach King Outdoor League Guidlines and Rules

Rule Book, Documents, and League Guidlines

Updated Friday September 29, 2017 by OBHL - Grimsby.

OBHL Grimsby - Rules and Guidelines

League Philosophy: RELAX! it's just a game, play safe and have fun! Everyone has to go to work tomorrow.

The OBHL is committed to running a league that is organized safe, competitive, fair in a family fun environment.
The league and its officials will do its best to uphold the rules of the game at standards by Hockey Canada.
Players that behave unacceptably will be suspended from play and could be banned from rink.
Also any players that are repeat offenders will be subject to longer suspensions and ultimately banned from the league.

The Town of Grimsby and the OBHL have a zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior.
The Grimsby Peach King Center - Outdoor Ball Hockey Rink - Is for recreational excitement for all players and all skill levels to play in a family fun environment.

We are in the process of designing a customized rule book for the specialized rink.

Questions about our rules and guidelines please email the Referee Coordinator, Ty Reidy, at: